Work with us, Earn free slime!

How it Works:

We are beginning a new program which allows our supporters like you to earn easy store credit! We can provide your own personalized discount code to Fireflyslime for you to use and share! Every time that someone uses your code, you will receive 15% of their order's total through store credit. The larger their order, the more you earn! (For example, if someone enters your code during checkout and spends $100 you would earn $15 store credit. This can be redeemed and you would get $15 off your next purchase at

You may advertise your personalized code through messaging friends and sharing it on social media.

When you decide you'd like to spend your earnings, direct message us at @fireflyslime on Instagram and we will send you a code to enter at checkout that will automatically cut that amount off the total of your next purchase. 

If you are interested in having your own code to promote, send us a direct message at @fireflyslime on Instagram or email us at


  • You must be at least 18 years old or be given permission by a parent/guardian.
  • The minimum amount you must earn before spending your store credit is $2
  • We reserve the right to deny you a discount code or discontinue it at any time.
  • Earnings may only be spent through store credit (you can only spend it at Fireflyslime) and you cannot redeem your earnings by cash or any other method of payment.
  • If an order was placed using your code but was later canceled or refunded, you will not earn any points from that order.
  • You must spend your store credit within 6 months.
  • Only one code may be used per order. 
  • You are responsible for paying shipping and tax fees. Store credit cannot cover these fees.