When do you restock? We restock every Friday at 6pm central time, I suggest setting a reminder a few minutes prior to the restock to make sure that the item you wanted doesn't get sold out right away before you get the chance to purchase!

May I reserve an item to purchase later so that it doesn't get sold out before I get to your shop? I cannot make any reservations. My items are first come first serve, and if the listing you wanted is sold out, there's always next week!



When will I get my package? Prior to purchase, please double check that all of the information that you entered is accurate. It is common that buyers will type an incorrect address or are missing very important details that will make it difficult for me to ship. We don't want to ship it to the wrong house! Please do us and yourself a favor and check to prevent delayed or cancelled shipping! I strive to send your package as soon as possible. After you receive an email confirmation that your order is fulfilled, expect it to arrive in 3-7 days if you are located within the USA. If you haven't received it after the expected date, wait a few days and then please contact me at with the name you ordered with and the date of purchase, we can work together to get it tracked for you!

Do you ship internationally? Yes! We now ship all around the world!



Can I have any for free? We spend countless hours of work into each individual product, and we appreciate your support to keep our business running! We do offer occasional special deals where the first people to purchase receive items for free, but other than that, you are not able to purchase any for free.

Are there any at a discounted price? I often do offer discount codes to my customers. These often appear near holiday sales or special occasions on my account! Any coupon codes will be shown on my Instagram @fireflyslime but for a limited time only.



Can I return my item if I don't like it or it did not come as described? I do not take returns. Although the packages have a return address, it is there only for the UPS carriers to be able to track my package down if it gets lost in the mail. Please do not send your item back, you will not get a refund if you do so and I will not pay for the shipping price.

Can I cancel my order? If your item is marked as fulfilled then I have shipped it or it is in the process of being shipped, it is too late and you are not eligible for a refund. If you have not received a confirmation email informing you that it is shipped and I have not packaged your order, please contact me as soon as possible at and provide the name you ordered under with the date you ordered on and ask politely if you may get a refund. I try to check my emails regularly.

Can I get a refund? If you have already received your package and would like a refund, please be aware of the following. Squishies may have manufacturing defects and I do repeatedly mention it throughout my store. They are not in my control and I ship the item to you in the same condition as when I received it myself. I will not issue you a refund if there are defects since I have informed you of the possibilities. Most squishies are undamaged and are in great condition. If the slime you ordered is melted or not as described. Do not throw it away. I have sent a slime care sheet with borax so that you are able to fix the item, therefore I am not responsible if you over-activate the slime or altered it's state. If you have a valid reason that may require a refund, contact me at and we can get it resolved.



Do you do custom orders? Yes we do! Please email me at with your customer order.

Am I able to place a big order for a special occasion/event? I have done many of these before for birthday parties and other events! Send me an email with what items you would like and the quantity as soon as possible so that I am able to get started on your order! Please keep in mind that big orders are heavy and you will be responsible for paying shipping + handling fees as well as a small fee for a custom order. I also prefer if you let me know in advance so I can prepare for a big batch.



Can I review your slime? Yes! After you purchase from my shop you are able to post a review on your purchase using my hashtag (more information will be included when your item is delivered)


Are your slimes made with borax? Yes they are, please be aware if you are allergic or have sensitive skin that may cause irritation before purchasing slime. I am trying to make more that are borax-free and are made with an alternative instead to open more options for those who cannot come in contact with borax. Unless the item specifically states that it is borax-free in the description, all of my slimes are made with borax.



What is included if I purchase from you? All slime orders come with a free mini bag of borax to fix your slime if needed and a slime care sheet to inform you about how to keep your slime in it's best condition! Those that do not contain slime do not come with borax. All orders will come with a few randomly chosen extras which can vary between mini squishies, small toys, stickers, or candy!



Who made your icon? An account on instagram named @icongf created my icon a while back but she no longer makes icons, please do not ask me to make you one.