discount codes + sales



Hey there! We love good deals and we know you do too! 


We often run pop-up flash sales, and we are sure to advertise them through our main social media account on our Instagram @fireflyslime through posts and updated stories.

Often, these sales use discount codes, and other times we automatically take off a fraction of the price for you (which can be noted with all products that have a strikethrough and a lower price next to the original) 

We love offering these discounts on the exact day of our restocks (every Friday at 6pm central) but also prior to special occasions and holidays so that gifts to your loved ones can be easy & affordable! 


Here are some offers you won't want to miss!

Buy 3 Get 1 - Mystery Slimes: Due to our mystery slimes being most popular, we had decided to add in a special deal for bundles! When you add three mystery slimes, of any size, to your cart, a 4th one can be added, and we'll cover the costs for you! This applies to any size!

“HALLOWEEN15” : get 15% off your entire purchase, no minimum price required! code expires on November 1st, 2018

CLAY SALE : get 60% off ALL COLORS clay! We are overstocked on clay and have decided to host a special HUGE discount for our dark green clay to clear some storage space to hold our new supplies! The discount is automatically discounted as well!

HOLIDAY” : get 10% of your entire purchase, applies on $30+ orders excluding shipping and tax. code expires December 16th, 2018