Benefits of Slime

Slime helps build fine motor skills.
Mixing, squeezing, crunching, rolling, twisting, and pressing are all great ways to strengthen the hand muscles and build fine motor skills. 

Slime stimulates your senses.
Slime provides amazing ASMR (Autonomous sensory meridian response) from the satisfying sounds that come from the crunching of beads, the pops of bubbles, and the sizzles that come from pressing slime. Here at Fireflyslime we offer a variety of textures to fit exactly what you're looking for. We would recommend our crunchy slimes (ex. Bingsu slime, Floam slime, etc) for the best results of auditory sounds. 

Slime promotes creativity.
Observing the mixture of textures and ingredients in slime helps you to use their imagination which fosters the creative mind. Fireflyslime products aim to provide a variety of colors, scents, textures, and themes of slime for everyone. Slime has no rules, so you can direct slime play however your heart desires. 

Slime can help with focus and feelings of being present in the moment.
With screen time being at an all time high, it's important to prioritize activities that allow us to be focused on one task at a time. For those that insist on multi-tasking, allowing your hands to be busy while reading, studying, or watching a movie can be a great way to prevent you from picking up your phone. We would recommend our softer and more holdable slimes (ex. Butter slime and Cloud Cream slime) for the best tool with relaxation and focus.

Slime can be used as a stress reducing toy.
One of the greatest benefits of slime is that it is used by many as a stress relief toy. Keeping your focus on a task is a great way to promote calmness and ease your mind from worries and distracting thoughts.